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Moving from Italy 25 years ago, Donna Margherita owner Gabriele Vitale had the dream of setting up home in one of the greatest capitals of the world, London. Living in Kilburn for 12 years being a waiter and sales rep selling coffee machines, something just wasn’t right for Gabriele, he was missing food from home - Especially the pizza that his hometown of Naples is famed for. After visiting plenty of local trattorias and pizzeria’s, he found that London was lacking real Italian authenticity! This is where his idea of, if he couldn’t be a satisfied customer elsewhere why not become a restaurant owner himself. After finding the right location to set up a restaurant in Lavender Hill 15 years ago, Donna Margherita was born providing the authentic Neapolitan food he had longer for. Named after the Queen Margherita of Spain who was originally from Naples and being the favourite choice of pizza for Gabriele when lovingly made by his experienced pizza chef, Ayrton using the wood burning oven.  Switching from zero zero dough to type 1 flour for better digestion, Gabriele is keen to provide healthier food without losing any taste and is currently expanding on having a wider gluten free menu.

Donna Margherita has been recognised in Time Out London, Trip Advisor……… as one of the best Italian restaurants in London and it’s no surprise why when you actually taste the food cooked by head chef Claudio. Spaghetti Vongole is my all time favourite and one to definitely try – especially if you love fresh locally sourced seafood, like me!” says Gabriele.



Managing Director

Favourite dish from the menu

Spaghetti Vongole


Head Chef

Favourite dish from the menu

Schialatielli Ferdinando  


Pizza Chef

Favourite dish from the menu

Pizza (of course!)